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Instructional Design
EDUX 9920: Instructional Design: Curriculum Planning for Student Success for
2014 - 2015
For Administrators
EDUX 9921: School Leadership - Administrative Planning for Effective Leadership
The "Original" California
6-Unit Summer Workshop!
EDUO 9818: Performance Based Teaching and Learning: A Workshop for the Contemporary Teacher
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Dominican University of California, Professional & Continuing Education in partnership with Educational Development and Services’ goal is to provide educators the best professional growth experience possible! Our wide range of Self-Paced, Instructor Coached, Online and classroom courses extend the University’s reach from California to public and private school teachers throughout the United States and around the world. Visit our varied courses to learn how we can be the educational arm of your personal and professional development. Thousands of teachers are meeting their professional educational needs with Dominican University of California!
Dominican University of California is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
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DominicanCAonline 2014 Course Catalog
Our Most Popular Course
EDUX 9920: Instructional Design
YES! 2014 Spring Student Writing Competition
Our varied courses offer these Instructional Methods:
Self-Paced Instructor Coached Online Regional Classroom Conferences & Workshops

DominicanCAonline EDUX 9920: Instructional Design - Curriculum Planning for Student Success for 2014-15
DominicanCAonline EDUO 9818: Performance Based Teaching and Learning: A Workshop for the Contemporary Teacher
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DominicanCAonline Classroom & School Management and Safety
DominicanCAonline Discovering Your Community Resources
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Accreditation & Types of Credit/Units

The School of Education and Counseling Psychology’s Continuing Education and Professional Development Division is responsible for all the courses listed on the website. The credit offered is graduate level, meaning that it is post-baccalaureate. It is primarily utilized for professional development or salary advancement. It is transferable to degree programs only on the approval of the institution being petitioned. Graduate Level Extension Semester Credits/Units are characterized by 15 hours of contact time per credit/unit, and are associated with a measure of knowledge assessment and/or skills implementation. The words Credits and Units are used interchangeably as geographical locations vary in terminology. NOTE: Participants are advised to obtain PRIOR employer approval for use in salary advancement!


A complimentary official transcript is automatically generated for every student who completes a DominicanCAonline course. This transcript is mailed via standard US mail to the student’s address WITHIN 3 WEEKS from the date that the University receives your course grade (not the date when the Instructor sends grades).

Please note: If you have taken more than one DominicanCAonline course within the past year, please remember that not all grades for all courses are submitted within the same time frame.  So courses that are still in-progress, or courses that are not yet graded, will appear on the transcript without final grades.  If your most-recently completed course is crucial for your employer or district, make sure that you time your transcript request in such a way that it includes ALL the final grades you need.   We want to save you the time and expense of overnighting records that are still in-process.